Indian Ocean
LAST UPDATED 07/01/2008
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Very Good

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Very Isolated, Difficult Access

Best Months

May - August




Seychellois Rupee (SCR)

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Special Requirements

Private Beaches, Special Pass / Permits


The flag of the Seychelles

The Republic of Seychelles is located in the Indian 1500km east of mainland Africa and northeast of the island of Madagascar. It is an archipelago nation comprising of 155 different islands and has the smallest population of any sovereign state of Africa. It's main economic dependence is on tourism, however, the government has tried to move away from this by developing it farming and fishing industries and small scale manufacture.


Maxime Fayon; Govenor of Seychelles inspecting police guard; 1972

It is thought that Arabian seafarers and traders were the first to discover the uninhabited seychelles many hundreds of years ago, however, the first recorded sighting was in 1502 by the Portuguese Admiral Vasco Da Gama.

The first recorded landing was by the English crew of the Ascension in 1609 as a transit point for trading between India and Africa. The Seychelles were disputed between France and Great Britain during the age of colonialism, with Britain ending up in control in 1814 after the Napoleonic Wars. The islands achieved independence in 1976, however free elections did not occur until 1993. The politics of this island group remain in something of a state of flux, although this should not bother the surfer looking for a few warm and hollow waves.


Hansueli Krapf: Petir Police, Mahe Island, Seychelles; 2005

Sitting mostly in the Southern Hemisphere, it is the easterly tracking sub antartic storm cells South of Africa that peel up and supply most of the area with swell. The Seychelles are no exception. April to September is the best season for spots requiring SE to SW groundswell. Island groups in the region can create some swell shadowing but generally, the sheer frequency of the southerly swells will make those spots your better option. Rarer northerly swells that descend from the Arabian gulf from May to July can light up novelty spots and mysto treats but swell decay is a problem. 

Bear in mind that the southerly swells do need to 'bend' up quite a bit to feed this coast so not every system is going to yield results for you. Reliance on onshore winswells is a reality of surfing on the western side of the Indian Ocean. In betwwen the flat periods though, chances are you are going to have some serious fun in generally uncrowded waves. 


ACP; Shorts 360 Air Seychelles at Praslin Airport; Nov 2006

You will not require a Visa to gain entry into the Seychelles and a one month visitors permit will be granted upon entry, however, this can be extended by 3 month blocks to a total of one year maximum stay.

The Seychelles has only one international airport located near to Victoria, the capital city, and Air Seychelles flies to Bangkok, London, Paris, Johannesburg, Rome, Milan, Frankfurt, Singapore and Mauritius. You can also fly in from Nairobi, Dubai, Doha and Amsterdam using other independent airlines.

Getting between islands domestically is easy enough using Air Seychelles shuttle flights as well as Helicopter Seychelles between main islands and Cat Cocos high speed catamarans.

The are also good roads to travel around by car as well as a public bus service. 

where to stay

JCMO; Victoria, Seychelles; 25.07.2005

Out of the 155 islands in the Seychelles Archipelago only 10 have any sort of accommodation and it is generally expensive. The seychelles authorities are also intolerant of travellers turning up at their airport without pre-bokked accommodation, so it is definantly advisable to have something sorted out before you arrive. The cheapest way to stay here is to rent a bungalow or apartment beteen a group of travellers and you can get reasonable rates if you shop around. There are also a few hostels such as "La Residence" on Mahe Island. Take note though that during peak seasons - Dec-Jan, Easter and August prices are heavily inflated and choices few.

If you want to 'lord it up' here and have cash to flash then you will be well appointed. There are some very glamorous resorts frequented by many Hollywood stars and prices are start around a cool $2500 US Dollars a night!

what to pack

Rich Niewiroski Jr.: 62 mm ultra-violet, fluorescent, and polarizing lens filters; April 9, 2007

Trainers, loose clothing - everything for the hot weather.

Nothing special required as pretty much everything you can by there, just keep in mind that it will be quite expensive so you would probably want to bring your basic necessities such as toiletries!

Remember to take a voltage adapter that has the different plugs with it.

…Nearly forgot! Waterproof camerabag! You don’t want to lose all your pictures, do you?..

dangers and warnings

US Department of Agriculture; Mosquito biting human flesh; 23.05.2006

The Seychelles has a low crime rate and generally you will be safe. Use your usual travel sense and don't leave money and valuables on display or unattended as locals are poor and may be tempted and don't stray off the beaten track in the cities.

Chikungunya is a virus spread by the bite of mosquitos and causes flu like symptoms, it is rarely fatal but it can put you out of action for many months. There is no cure or vaccination, you just need to take precautions not to get bitten such as using insect repellent containing DEET (N,N'-Diethyl-3-methylbenzamide), long sleeves and pants in the evening and sleep under mosquito netting at night.

restaurants, shopping and nightlife

Robert Wetzlmayr; Coconut; 17.05.2008


Seychelles Cuisine is strongly influenced by Creole cooking and island ingredients such as various fish and shellfish, curries and coconut based products. The red snapper is a particular delicacy here and should be sampled by any fish lover. Tipping is not considered obligatory in the Seychelles, but any extra change will be appreciated.

A cheap snack, well free actually, is to pick up any fallen coconut for a quick bite. The only thing you have to do is master getting through it's touch exterior fibreous kernal and hard shell, which is easy when you know how, get a local to show you.


The islands currency is the Seychelles Rupee (SCR) and ATM machines are readily available in the built up areas and large resorts.

The most popular shopping area is in Victoria at the city centre markets, here you can buy trinkets and souvenirs locally made from shells, coconut husks, wood etc though do be careful what you take home, many countries have strict import laws. You can also pick up fabrics and artwork from local painters.

Large hotels also may have boutique stores but shopping in the Seychelles is not considered one of the star attractions. 


The Seychelles is geared up for a lively nightlife scene for tourists offering clubs and bars located at many of the large hotels and good locally brewed Seybrew Beer. Buying alchohol is also cheep from street side vendors and a dark Takamaka Rum down by the beach is a delight!



what to do when it's flat

LSuff; Deep sea fishing; 2004

The Seychelles offers many activities to do between swells, for those wanting to stay near the ocean you can snorkel and scuba dive over some of the amazing and untouched reefs that line the the pristine white sand beaches. Also fishing and windsurfing are popular destractions from those flat spell blues as well as boat trips on catamarans, yachts and powerboating.

There are also many land orientated activities such as hiking, horseriding, bike rentals, golf, tennis and squash courts are all readily available or you could just take it easy on the beach soaking up the sun with your eighth large shot of dark rum! 

useful phrase guide

Indolences; Question mark; 04.05.2007

The official and most used languages of the Seychelles are English and French and some Creole. For this instance we'll give you some creole tips as this is probably the most interesting!

Hello                                Bon dia

How are you?                    Kuma ku bu sta? 

Fine, thankyou                  Sta bom, obrigado

What is your name?           Kuma ku bu nome?

Thankyou                         Obrigado

Yes                                  Si 

No                                   Não

I can't speak Creole          N ka ta papia kriol

Do you speak English?       Bu ta papia inglés?

Where is the toilet?           Nunde i kasa de banho?

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