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The first comprehensive site on Bangladesh on the web.
More information about the history of Bangladesh.

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580 km


tropical; mild winter (October to March); hot, humid summer (March to June)


Cyclones, Severe Storms, Difficult Access, Coup / Civil Unrest

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June - August




Taka (BDD) taka per US dollar - 69.031 (2006)

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Strict Religious Observance


Rei-artur: Location Bangladesh; 26 December 2006

Bangladesh, officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh, is a country in Southern Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and India.

Bangladesh is among the most densely populated countries in the world and has a high poverty level. Geographically the country straddles the fertile Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta and is subject to annual monsoon floods and cyclones. The government is a parliamentary democracy which has been suspended under emergency law since 11 January 2007. Bangladesh is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, SAARC, BIMSTEC, the OIC and the D-8.


Rama's Arrow: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, founder of Bangladesh; 8 July 2006

The history of Bangladesh has been one of extremes, of turmoil and peace, prosperity and destitution. People of tis country have seen the glow of cultural spiendour and suffered under the ravages of war. The earliest mention of Bangladesh is found in the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata (the story of Great Battle-9th century B.C). Evidence also suggests that there was a strong Mongoloid presence as well. Soon after came the Aryans from Central Asia and the Dravidians from Western India...then came the Guptas, Palas, Senas, who were Buddhist and Hindus.

From the 13th century A.D. the flood of Muslim invaders and the tide of Islam swamped the Buddhist and Hindus untold 8th century. Sometimes there were independent rulers like the Hussain Shahi and Ilyas Shahi dynasties while at other times they ruled on behalf of the imperial seat of Delhi. From 15th century the Europeans, namely; Portuguese, Dutch, French and British traders exerted an economic influence over the region. British political rule over the region began in 1757 A.D. when the last Muslim ruler of Ben. gal was defeated at Palassey. In 1947 the country was partitioned into India and Pakistan. Present Bangladesh becomes the Eastern Wing of the then Pakistan. But the movement for autonomy for East

Pakistan started within a couple of years because of language and cultural difference and economic disparity between the two wings. The seeds of independence were sown through the Language Movement of 1952 to recognize Bangla as a state language. Ultimately the then East Pakistan emerged as a sovereign and independent state of Bangladesh in 1971 after nine month - long war of Liberation (starting on 26 March 1971) in which 3 million people courted martyrdom.


Shmitra: Nakashi Kantha - traditional craftwork; 2006

India and Sri Lanka tend to absorb most of the SW swell that feeds up into the Indian Ocean into the Bay of Bengal, but whatever is left over will find it's way to the head of the Bay along the ever changing shores of Bangladesh. Here the might Ganges River forms an enormous delta of shifting sand banks. The majority of Bangladesh is situated on this delta with around half of the land no more than 12 metres above sea level. As a result the entire country is prone ot severe flooding and very sensitive to any rise in sea level.

There is a clear path for SW swell to wrap around Sri Lanka and move to the head of the bay but swell decay and attenuation is a factor and hence consistency is a problem. April to October will be your SW swell window. The more reliable spots can be found near the smaller rivermouths south of the capital Chittagong but if you have access to a boat it would be worth investigating the sand bars around the leading edge of the delta. Maps around here are out of date a week later so whatever you find will be a mere moment in time at the mouth of the timeless river.

what to pack

Daniel Lobo: A soccer ball that is "thermally bonded"; 26 June, 2006

It shouldn’t be a question for anybody – of course something against rain and cold even if you go in summer. If you’re taking a tent, check whether its waterproof first and same applies to almost all the gear you’re taking with you (eg. water-resistant bag pack and boots). Nothing special required as pretty much everything you can by there.

A wheeled bag is usually the best unless you're backpacking, the distances you have to carry your luggage at some of the train stations and airports can be quite far.

Remember to take a voltage adapter that has the different plugs with it.

And take a good protection for your camera from the sand. You can also take some stuff to give away to locals (for example, pencils or some sport equipment for kids).

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