LAST UPDATED 29/07/2008
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Level of surfing


Quality of surf


Call code


Net code





1,923 km


Tropical monsoon; (southwest monsoon, June to Sep); (northeast monsoon, December to April)


Very Isolated, Cyclones, Severe Storms, Difficult Access, War / Conflict, Coup / Civil Unrest

Best Months

May - September




Kyat (mmK) kyats per US dollar - 1,280 (2006), 5.761 (2005) figures reflect 2005/06 collapse

Time Zone

MMT (UTC+6.5)

Special Requirements

Special Pass / Permits, Lengthy VISA Process, Non tourist Friendly, Strict Religious Observance


NASA: Satellite Image of the Ayeyarwady Delta; 2006

Oct - Nov sees storm front activity in the Bay of Bengal that provides rideable options on the coast of Burma or Myanmar as it is properly known. It is worth bearing in mind that there are fewer than 5 surfers living in Burma so it's one of those places that you dont mind surfing with someone else for a change. The predominat flow of SW swell across the Indian Ocean tends to miss the coast with Sri Lanka really being the cut off point for reliable swell activity originating in the Southern Hemisphere. 

The Andamen and Nicobar Islands effectively block swell to the Burmese and Thai Peninsula and in doing so form the silent Andaman Sea. North of these island however the coast of Burma experiences good surf over it's many rivermouths and points.

Wandering swell systems can and do manage to get bent back to the coastline here however offering you another source of swell generating activity. Be sure to enjoy the isolation while it lasts, before someone builds a surf camp there.


what to pack

Flashdance: A pair of very simple Moroccan flip flops called "Cabjuks"; 25 May 2007

Trainers, loose clothing - everything for the hot weather.

Nothing special required as pretty much everything you can by there, just keep in mind that it will be quite expensive (in some cases - very expensive, such as rentinng a bike or sheets in youth hostels).

A wheeled bag is usually the best unless you're backpacking, the distances you have to carry your luggage at some of the train stations and airports can be quite far.

Remember to take a voltage adapter that has the different plugs with it.

…Nearly forgot! Waterproof camerabag! You don’t want to lose all your pictures, do you?..


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