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Level of surfing


Quality of surf

Very Good

Call code


Net code





14,500 km


Diverse; tropical in south to subarctic in north


Cyclones, Extreme Heat, Extreme Cold, Severe Storms, Difficult Access

Best Months

July - October




Yuan (CNY) yuan per US dollar - 7.97 (2006)

Time Zone


Special Requirements

Private Beaches, Special Pass / Permits


The Flag of the Peoples Republic of China

The Republic of China is a huge country in the eastern part of Asia and has the worlds largest population. It has coasts on the East China Sea, Korea Bay, Yellow Sea, and South China Sea. It has one of the worlds oldest known continuous populations that dates back more than six thousand years and the worlds oldest language. It has engineered some of the world most important inventions such as the compass, gunpowder, paper and printing.

There are many dialects of the Chinese language but the most commonly used by over 70% of Chinese people is Mandarin.

The most commonly followed religion in China is Mahayana Buddism, since it's introduction in the first century.


Peter Morgan; Terracota Warriors dating from 210 BC; 09.04.2005

The history of China is one of the oldest known to man. Ancient China is known to be one of the first centres of civilization and the chinese were among the first to invent the written word. There is archaeological evidence to support the exhistance of human ancestary in China 2 and a quarter million years ago and human fossils have been found dating back over half a million years ago. China is an old civilization alright!


Montrasio International: Sanya Beach, Hainan Island, China; 2007

A pitching deck, the creak of well worn timbers, the cracking of sail and canvas...tied to the mast.  Things have changed a little I guess from when Jack London and  Josef Conrad wrote their haunting Pacific infused epics but it hasnt changed everythwhere. There are corners of this earth where that mythos still holds true, and most of those  corners are here in the South Pacific.

The main source of swell here is from the intense lows that circle the earth south of Australia, these lows spin off northwards with blessed regularity, peppering the entire region with generous SE to SW groundswell from March to September. Australia and New Zealand see the bulk of these swells. These countries cast a very tall shadow across the rest of the Pacific and hence many other islands in their wake can suffer from swell difusion. December to February is cyclone season. Unpredictable cells can deliver swell in a 360 radius, lighting up rarely breaking reefs and points facing every conceivable direction. 

The South Pacific trade winds are some of the most consistent in the world, generally from the East with slight seasonal variation. This is the largest Ocean on the planet and these winds easily generate regular rideable swell. Onshore conditions can be a problem on east facing coastlines but peeling yourself out for an early surf will usually bring some relief.

In the North Pacific it is the intense lows descending from the Aleutians that deliver NE to NW swells from October to March. Hawaii is ideally placed to make best use of this energy but other coastlines in the region have their own less publicised and far less crowded gems.

Jun to October also sees rarer hurricane swell radiate out from southern Mexico. This energy is often felt right throughout Polynesia. With so many energy vectors at work it is very hard not to find a wave in China. It's just a matter of finding the right one. Try to find one away from any military installations while your at it.


Stefan Kuhn; Trans-Siberian Railway; 13.11.2005

For entry into China you must have a visa, these are issued through Chinese embassies or consulates before departure.

China can be access by plane from all major continents and flights generally go into Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong kong. Busy times are usually during the northern hemispere summertime and around the Chinese New Year when many students or expats fly home to be with family and friends. At these times seats on planes can be hard to come by and expensive so plan ahead and book early.

China can also be reach by train on the Trans-Siberian Railway which runs between Moscow and Beijing, Kazakhstan & Central Asia from Almaty in Kazakhstan to Urumqi in the province of Xinjiang. Nanning in Vietnam via the friendship pass or North Korea to Beijing. You can also travel to and from Hong Kong by train.

where to stay

Kallgan; A typical Beijing Street Scene; 08.10.2005

Availability of accommodation for tourists is generally good and ranges from shared dorm rooms to five-star luxury hotels. For the most part, laws in China restrict or ban foreign tourists from the cheapest hotels, although this is slowly changing. It's not always a bad thing as many cheap places are still state-run and haven't changed much since the Mao era. That said, there's a dizzying number of sleeping options in most Chinese towns, and despite language and law barriers you should be able to find something in your budget and comfort range.

what to pack

Neep: An example of street markets accepting credit cards; 20 May 2006

China is a big country, so pack according to the season and the part of the country you plan to visit. It can snow in the nothern parts in winter and it can be very hot in southern parts in summer.

But everything is so cheap there, that you can travel light and buy everything on the spot. Really, you will simply save money this way! Even most of the medicines have translations to English (though it's still better to take somme of those with you, just for your own comfort).

dangers and warnings

Azreey; Car Crash; 16.08.2005

Warning: From April 2006 tourists will not be allowed into Tibet or neighbouring provinces with Tibetan populations. Check with the Chinese embassy for up to date details on this issue before your departure.

Petty crimes rates in China are pretty low, just use your common sense, especially in city suburbs. Keep valuables or large amounts of money out of sight, don't appear to be rich or have expensive belongings and watch out for pickpockets on busy buses or nightclubs.

Traffic in China is horrendous and can be very dangerous, keeps your wits about you when walking near to roads, particularly in built up city areas and if you're going to drive.....well it's up to you but make sure you and you're vehicle are well insured, seriously - you'll see what I mean when you get there!! 

restaurants, shopping and nightlife

毛抜き; Chopsticks; 24.03.2006

Note: Always get your money changed in a bank in China as counterfeiting is a big problem.


China is the world capital of exquisite handmade items...... and cheap tat. This is because labour is still cheap here, take your time and inspect your purchase thoroughly before parting with any money and ask questions, though don't believe all your told!

Things to look out for in particular is the porcelain China is famous for, you can pick up some beautiful pieces if you know what you're looking for. Also chinese fabrics are the envy of the world, this is a place to get your silks, if that floats your boat.

And remember to haggle, it's expected and a great Chinese national sport!


The food in China varies greatly from area to area, but one thing it won't be is the sweet and sour chicken your used to from the takeaway down the road. Do get out and try as many different flavours as possible but if you're squeamish about what you put in your belly ask what's in the dishes first as it's not that uncommon for it to contain dog meat or other delights - no joke! A friend of mine was once bitten by a dog in a chinese restaurant in Beijing and the head chef offered to cook it for him, seriously, he declined politely.


The only pubs in China are in built up cities and tourist areas and are generally very good, oh and  karaoke is king here!!



what to do when it's flat

Robin Chen; Terracotta Army; 10.02.2006

Massage is very popular in China and is of high quality and reasonable price. Hairdressers will give you a head massage for a small fee and it will often include de-waxing your grubby ears and and a shoulder rub too. Foot massage parlours are common and the signs often depict a bare footprint to show we're to get a massage of the foot variety. Be careful when going to a massage parlour for a full body massage as, although prostitution is illegal in China, many knocking shops show a massage parlour frontage and will tend to you every need!! The ones with pink lights out front are the ones to avoid.... or not depending on your needs!!

The great wall of China is also a big drawcard to the traveller here and worth a visit if you have the time and money to get there as is the Terracotta Army in the Shaanxi province.

useful phrase guide

Kjoonlee; Chinese writing; 05.01.2007

Some basic Chinese to get you started:-

Hello - Nǐ hǎo

How are you? -  Shēntǐ hǎo ma?

Please - Qǐng

Thankyou - Xièxie

You're welcome - Bú kèqi

Excuse me - Qǐng wèn 

I'm sorry - Duìbùqǐ

Goodbye - Bai-bai 

Do you speak english - Nǐ huì shuō Yīngyǔ ma?

Don't touch me -  búyào pèng wǒ

Arse -  pìgǔ


Chinese Proverbs:-

Man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day.

Man with one chopstick go hungry.

Man who scratch ass should not bite fingernails.

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