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Level of surfing


Quality of surf


Call code


Net code





539 km


tropical; warm and comparatively dry along southeast coast; hot and humid in southwest


Extreme Heat, Difficult Access, Coup / Civil Unrest

Best Months

October - December




Ghanian Cedi (GHS) cedis per US dollar - 9,174.8 (2006)

Time Zone

Greenwich Mean Time (UTC)

Special Requirements

Lengthy VISA Process, Non tourist Friendly


Dave Ley: Labadi Beach, Accra, Ghana; 2005

Excellent southerly facing coastline this far north of the Antartic regions can be a mixed blessing. S-SW swell is the only energy that will reach this coastline and with all your surfing eggs in the one swell direction basket you need to wait a long time for the energy to travel the 11000 kilometres from down south. Hence it never gets huge in Ghana but whatever does get here is typically off superior shape and period.

Mar to September are the best, the same as it is for southern hemisphere spots that need the southerly swell to feed them. Morning offshores are the most common from March to May making this your best chance to catch some perfection. Make sure you pop your anti malarial tabs between sessions in the rainy season which goes right through the rest of the swell season until September.  A kiss from a female mosquito in these parts is one ladybug you really don’t want to catch.

what to pack

Rich Niewiroski Jr.: 62 mm ultra-violet, fluorescent, and polarizing lens filters. Camera used was a Canon 400D; April 9, 2007

Trainers, loose clothing - everything for the hot weather. Definitely take along some bug repellent spray, good sunscreen and sunglasses!
And take a good protection for your camera from the sand.

Make sure you bring everything you may need for your camera with you, just to prevent yourself from unpleasant surprises when you suddenly need to buy something.

A good sunscreen and insect repellent wouldn't hurt much. Comfortable walking shoes, as there are many places to see. Don't forget to bring any medications that you need!


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