Hunter Region
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Hunter Region

New South Wales, Australia
LAST UPDATED 07/01/2008
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Dudesleeper: Hunter Valley; 16 January 2007

The Hunter region is located in the state of New South Wales and has a population of 590,000 people.

It sits approximately 120 km to 310 km north of Sydney and the majority of the population live in the coastal cities of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

Newcastle takes pride in the nickname 'Surf City'. This region stands with California as having the highest concentration of surfers per capita in the world.

It is estimated that 90% of males aged between 18-35 surf. This is compared to the 80% figure on the Gold Coast of QLD, Australia. Newcastle is home to the "4 times World Champion", Mark Richards and the town continues to foster the legacy that goes with such a history. Names such as Simon Law and Nicky Wood peper the whose who of the Newcastle surfing lexicon. With a near perfect blend of beach, reef, point and big wave spots in the area, another world champion is merely a matter of time. 


Bigal888: Newcastle Beach, NSW: 2005

The points, reefs and beach breaks offer a wealth of potential for any surfer.
The general north east lie of the NSW coasline ensures that there is always a spot neaeby that will receive excellent exposure to the predominant south to south easterly swell patterns that routinely bomb the coast in winter.

Newcastle Beach an eternal favourite with the reefs and banks of the Dixon to Mereweather stretch offering surprising isolation so close to the city for the early risers.

where to stay

Nobby's Beach; Abstraktn; 17.08.2005

Newcastle is quickly shedding its old reputation of a dirty steel town and a new much nicer imaging is emerging - and rightly so, the city has some great heritage and fantastic surfing beaches and a beautiful foreshore.
You don't have to drive many miles to have a choice of a myriad of pristine surfing beaches and reefs that are on offer here.

The choice of accommodation available here is rapidly growing, there are now various accommodations ranging from YHA hostels and the Nomads on the beachfront for the budget traveller/surfer to the more upmarket Novocastrian overlooking Nobby's beach and The Clarendon Hotel in the CBD. There are also many great eateries and hotels offering live music to entertain you during your stay.

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