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Miaow Miaow: Map showing location of Munster, Ireland; 8 March 2005

There are four provinces in Ireland and Munster is one of them, the southernmost one. It comprises six counties and Cork is the largest city conurbation, which has a population of 190,384 (found in 2006) and 380,000 within the Greater Cork Area.

Other major cities include Limerick urban area with a population of 90757 (2006) and Waterford, population of 49213 (2006). 


Michael Rogers: River Lee, Cork, Ireland; 2002

The harsh southwest and north west of Munster see an abundance of swell descending from the northern reaches around Greenland. Munster itself forms a peninsula like an extension of Ireland, which offers the possibility of locating bays, and corners that will be sheltered in all but in the most ferocious onshore SW conditions.

Cork is the main city here but there are numerous quaint but quirky townships to rest your weary bones. The northwest facing bay and beaches around Ballinrannig and Murreagh should get you started, there is so much more out there as well.


Keith Edkins: Iarnrod Eireann Class 201; 2001

All the options are available in Ireland: plane, car, boat, bike, bus, tram, train, bicycle..what else?! So it's a matter of your personal choice. Ireland is beautiful for biking, but you will need a good bike for it, as road conditions are not always excellent.

Most trains operate to and from Dublin. Renting a car is very similar to the processes elsewhere and you will need a credit card in your own name and a full driver's license for a minimum of two years without endorsement. By the way, in many cases you will need to be 28 in order to rent a full size car.

where to stay

Rüdiger Wölk: Münster: the Prinzipalmarkt with St Lambert's church, 24 July 2005

Hotels provide sleeping accommodations on a room/suite basis and have a reception for customer service. Each guest room has a private bath and/or shower. Many hotels also include have additional facilities like a pool, gym or sauna.

Hotel Lindenhof is a clean and comfortable inn located within walking distance of the train station. They provide a scrumptious breakfast every morning consisting of boiled eggs, cold cuts and cheeses, an assortment of breads, rolls and spreads, juice, coffee, tea and cereals. An excellent onsite German restaurant is served as well, with free parking. There is a lovely, small garden in back, which serves as a nice place to unwind after a long day.

The easiest way to get around in Münster is to go by bike as the locals do, but if you are planning to go somewhere further, the distance to the train station is a Plus!
Münster is known the "bicycle capital" of Germany. Those who do not want to go by bike can take the bus or train. But every destination in the city is within walking distance, as Münster is not that big.

what to pack

Cserlajos: Nike Cortez 'TB trainers; 2007

Munster is the southernmost of the four provinces of Ireland. Still, pack warm clothes and waterproof gear. Beach clothing & sandals will be useful in summer. But it's worth taking along some bug repellent spray, good sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. Pack some basic toiletries so that you do not need to spend unnecessary money to purchase these basics. You may want to just buy a travel pack and bring it.

All the gear if you plan to camp: a good sleeping bag and a waterproof tent that are good for low temp; special gas container u can use for heating food and water; a sturdy backpack or a cargo pack with a good daypack. Invest in a portable water filter or at least take some puri-tabs or boil the water.

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