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Morwen: Map of County Mayo, Ireland; 5 February 2004

County Mayo is a county in the province of Connacht and is the second largest county in Ireland, located on the west coast of the country. Castlebar is the county town of Mayo, together with Ballina these two towns are by far the two most populous in the county, with 10,729 and 10,146 residents respectively according to the 2006 census.


View to the west Achill Island; Zen; 01.01.2002

If you thought Ireland was a slow paced, laid back and sparsley populated place then western Ireland is even more so, and then some. But for those seeking solitude and adventure in their surf trips with the edge of wilderness and ruggedness then this is the place. You can also get across to Achill Island from here by bridge. Achill Island is Irelands biggest offshore island, there're a few places to stay there and surf breaks at Keel, Dooagh and Doogort.

where to stay

Ashford Castle; Cubbybear82; 13.09.2006

In County Mayo you can stay in all manner of different styles of accommodation - From lording it up in a Castle such as Ashford, with breakfast in bed an no snooze button - unless you're up for a glassy morning barrel or two - charming stately houses, five star resorts, atmospheric hostels, remote farmhouses, pubs and camping and caravanning by the beach, it has it all, you choice of where to rest your head has never been better.

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