South Coast, New South Wales
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South Coast, New South Wales

New South Wales, Australia
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LAST UPDATED 11/07/2008
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Matilda: Batemans Bay, New South Wales; 24 April 2005

The South Coast region of New South Wales in Australia stretches from Sydney in the north to the border with Victoria. It is famous for small towns and villages along a rocky coastline, interspersed by numerous beaches and lagoons. The area is rich in rural charm with a strong dairy industry (and cheese-making in Bega), so it is a popular tourist destination.

Famed for it's fiercely protected secrets, South Coast locals have an unfair reputation as being violent and thugish. The reality is that it is ike most other breaks in the world, you turn up here and make an arse hat of yourself and you are going to pay for it; still, this is one place you dont want to be wearing your new flouro pink wetsuit. 


Matt Smith: An Illawarra reefbreak; 06.06.2008

South of sydney all the way to the Victoria Border lies a land of colder water, mysto reefs and closely guarded secret points.

The points, reefs and beach breaks offer a wealth of potential for the surfer. The general north east lie of the NSW coastline ensures that there is always a spot nearby that will receive excellent exposure to the predominant south to south easterly swell patterns that routinely bomb the coast in winter.

No Toes worth viewing in the larger of southerly swells. Don't feel too embarrassed if all you decide to do is watch here. Tom Carroll almost drowned here during a surfing competition and Koby Aberton lists this as one of the 50 most dangerous waves in the world. The combination of a heavy southerly swell onto a ruthless platform reef leads to a near vertical drop into what is already a pitching barrell, mistime your bottom turn here and it's all over. Be Careful!

where to stay

Ipsingh: Bates Motel Set; 28 July 2006

The south coast from south Sydney down to the border of Victoria has a myriad off peachy beach breaks and tasty reefs for the travelling surfer and heaps of places to enjoy and aprés surf beer and rest your tired bones. Wollongong in the heart of the Illawarra region is a small industrial city offering small hotel and motel type accommodations as well as self contained and serviced apartments, there is also a YHA hostel on Kiera Street. Basing yourself in Wollongong gives you quick access to a number of breaks all lending themselves to work in varying conditions from heavy thick lipped reefs to long points and easy beachies.

There are also a few more options to base yourself even further south towards Jervis bay for easy access to "Aussie Pipeline" or down at Batemans bay, both towns have a range of places to stay.

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