Santa Catarina
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May to October

Santa Catarina

South Region, Brazil
LAST UPDATED 07/01/2008
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Raphael Lorenzeto de Abreu: Map locator of Brazil's Santa Catarina state; April, 21 2006

Santa Catarina is a southern state in Brazil that borders other brazilian states, such as Rio Grande do Sul to the south and Paraná to the north. Sanra Catarina offers some of the best surf on the Brazilian coast, as it has a border with the Atlantic Ocean on the east.


Florinopolis City, Santa Catarina; 2006

Well south of the crowds of Rio, Santa Catarina offers some of the best surf on the Brazilian coast. The Atlantic can be a fickle mistress however and the SE to NE swell trains of the region can be painfully elusive on a short surf trip. Try your best to spend a period of time here in winter (Dec-Feb) to maximise your chance of observing a true ground swell event in the area.

where to stay

Rio de Janeiro; Ddwiki; 06.06.2005

Finding a place to stay in Brazil shouldn't be too difficult - there is plenty of choice, it's more about timing really. December to January is the holiday high season and the busiest months, carnival season too (February and March) and Holy week can also be pretty booked up and prices will shoot up so if you're heading here then book in advance, especially in the bigger cities like Rio and Salvador.

Hotels are easily found throughout the whole of Brazil and are anything from multimillion dollar resorts charging a premuim per night right down to very modest and cheap pads. Do make sure you ask all the right questions when booking to make sure this hotel is the one for you as the 1-5 star system is not enforced here so quality guidelines are a little vague - do some research to avoid disappointment. During peak periods you may be required to book a minimum stay of 4 nights and have to pay the full balance up front.

Guesthouses are known as "Pousada" here and canbe found throughout most coastal towns around Brazil These are more like large houses offering a more intimate stay. Meals will be at set times of the day and menus often limited. They often also have evening curfews meaning if you're not back by a certain time you will be locked out! This option can vary in quality somewhat so it might be best to ask if you can take a look at a room before you part with any cash, or go on recommendations.

In the more remote areas you can often find ranch style accommodation in the fom of "Fazendas". these can be a real pleasant place to stay based on sleeping in barracks on the land with place to camp too. They often offer places to swim, ride, play football and do all kinds of ranchy style activities.

Motels here aren't what they should be! Here they are known as sex hotels and charge an hourly rate, it's quite discreet but be careful what you ask for! 


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