Santiago Metropolitan Region
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Santiago Metropolitan Region

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LAST UPDATED 07/01/2008
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B1mbo: Mapa loc Metropolitana; 13 November 2007

The Santiago Metropolitan Region is one of administrative divisions in Chile. The nation's capital Santiago is based there. Most commercial and administrative centers are located in this region.


Bodoque57: Surfing Culture Jam, Pichilemu, Chile; 2007

The southern reaches of Chile around Santiago see an enormous amount of swell, and with points like Punta de Lobos, the coast here certainly makes the most of it. It all starts to get pretty cold further south of this region but as long as you have the rubber, there is anothr 1000 miles of coastline left ot explore to the south before it all breaks down into remote coastal fiords. A remarkable coastline with genuine uncrowded surf and a true year round surfing window.


Sabegi: Cristobal Colón Station in Line 4; 9 November 2007

Metro is a reliable way of travelling in Santiago, Valparaiso and Concepcion. You are required to buy a ticket when you enter the system, and then you can ride as much as you want.

The bus system is very good as well and allows you to get from town to town without any problems. Just note that the journey might take some time, as most of the buses stop at many bus stations along the way. If you want to get around the cities, then take a local bus called Micro, they are good and quite affordable. Just note, that there is a lack of the maps with the routs, so your knowledge of Spanish will really help you out. Another option in the city is a mix between a micro and a taxi - colectivo. They are more comfortable then buses and move around quicker. The price depends on the time of your travel, but colectivo can be even cheaper than the micro.

Hitchhiking is possible as well. Just don't do it on the major highways, be patient and show that you are a tourist (your backpack, flags attached to it, etc).

where to stay

Kwanyatsw: The Ritz-Carlton hotel, 8 April 2007

On the edge of the Barrio Paris Londres is Hotel Fundador and Providencia, located especially for sightseeing. Near by, is SuitesChile apparts, offering gym, pool, internet, tv, close restaurants, shopping and bar.

The Ritz-Carlton is located across the street from a small park and a stone's throw from El Golf metro station. Very convenient and central, with restaurants and bars nearby.

Hostel Bellavista is located in a great area for dining out and nightlife but can be very loud on the weekend. The staff is helpful and friendly, and the atmosphere is very warm. There is free Internet access and a large common room equipped with a TV, DVD player, plenty of seating and even a guitar.

The Plaza de Armas Hostel is located right in the central square with a great view out over the plaza. Small, but lively with really friendly staff.

Hostal de Sammy is a great, homely place with free internet access (5 accessible computers in the lobby and WiFi),  breakfast until 1 PM with the owner occassionally cooking delicious banana pancakes, living room with a  big screen TV and tonnes of movies to watch, game room with pool table - table tennis - Playstation 2, kitchen, clean rooms, DVDs, free rental of bikes and a lot more. Prices at about 5000 pesos for a bed in a dormitory with friendly staff and adorable pets.

what to pack

J.P.Lon: A piece of handicraft made soap, french old style; 17 June 2007

Better to bring warm and cool cotton clothes. Definitely take along some bug repellent spray, good sunscreen and sunglasses! Better take your medicines with you (esp. anti hastamine tablets), as there is a lack of medicines in Chile. By the way, getting medical insurance would be a good idea.

Bring your own toilet paper and anti-septic hand-shower gel.. you may find it hard to find your daily branded toiletries, so bring some. It would be very nice of you to take some extra for the locals too.

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