Mornington Peninsula
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March to September

Mornington Peninsula

Victoria, Australia
LAST UPDATED 03/01/2008
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Boticario: Mornington Peninsula; 19 June 2005

Mornington Peninsula is located south-east of Melbourne in Victoria (Australia) and forms the eastern side of Port Phillip Bay. it is surrounded by Port Phillip, Western Port Bay and Bass Strait.

The population on the peninsula is far less than those closer to metro Melbourne. The party that really benefits here is the surfer.

The locals can be a little grumpy from time to time, only becasue they are used to hordes of 'metros' coming down and invading their breaks in weekends. Be mindful of this problem and you will be fine.


Boticario: Fresh Swell on the Mornington Peninsula; 2005

The stretch of land south east of Melbourne surrounded by Port Phillip, westernport Bay and the mighty Bass Strait.

Don't let the cold water worry you, this entire coastline offers quality waves for the travelling surfer, with coastline facing the pacific and southern oceans. The west coast offers some of the more well known epic waves of the state and the mighty swells spiralling across on the roaring 40's will ensure that there is no shortage of waves, in fact you will often be waiting for the conditions to back of just a little especially throughout winter, but when it all comes together, you're in for a world class treat.

World class wine growing area to boot for those extra curicular post surfing activities 

where to stay

Mornington Peninsula Beach; Boticario; 19.06.2005

The Mornington Peninsula offers plenty of places to stay based around towns of Sorrento and Portsea. The accommodation does fill rapidly here in the summer months and public holidays so booking in advance in essential. Both towns offer small but sometimes costly hotels and cottage rentals and Sorrento has a YHA backpackers.

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