Phillip Island
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March to September

Phillip Island

Victoria, Australia
LAST UPDATED 07/01/2008
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Lentisco: Map of Phillip Island, Victoria; 7 August 2006

Phillip Island is a large island, located about 140km away (less than two hours drive) from Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) at the mouth of Western Port Bay. It is connected with the the mainland by a bridge and is a popular weekend tourist destination, especially during the summer months. 

The island is host to a fragile and unique marine ecosystem that includes penguins, seal and sharks.

There have been several atatcks here in the past 50 years, basically they are always in the area. Follow standard precautions such as avoiding surfing at dawn, dusk, after heavy rain or if there is significant baitfish / bird activity in the vicinity.


Tortoise42: Phillip Island Fairy Penguins; 2007

Out in Bass Strait to the south west of the Mornington Peninsula lies Phillip Island. Big holiday destination in summer with not a lot of waves to go around unfortunately. Try your hand in winter (JUN-AUG) for some raw roaring 40's action.

Don't let the cold water worry you, this entire coastline offers quality waves for the travelling surfer, with coastline facing the pacific and southern oceans. The west coast offers some of the more well known epic waves of the state and the mighty swells spiralling across on the roaring 40's will ensure that there is no shortage of waves, in fact you will often be waiting for the conditions to back off just a little especially throughout winter, but when it all comes together, you're in for a world class treat.

where to stay

Express Point, Phillip Island; Matt Smith/; March 2008

Phillip Island has been made popular for not only it's quality surf but also the famous Penguin Parade every evening and the Phillip Island Motorcycle Grand Prix. This means it can get insanely busy in peak season and the accommodation prices rise and fall to reflect this. If considering a stay here during public holidays booking in advance is well recommended, the Phillip Island Visitor Information centre will be happy to help with this and even make bookings for you.

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