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MattWright: Colored locator map for the island of Maui; 30 July 2007

Maui is the second-largest island of the eight major islands in Hawaii. It's total area is 1883.5 km². Maui is part of the State of Hawaii and is the largest island in Maui County.


Maui Mike: Kahakuloa Head, NW Maui; 2006

The less crowded brother of Oahu, Maui; lies several islands to the east. Home of the much photographed Jaws, Maui has an excellent swell window to the north and east with the other coasts receiving often warped southerly swell that creates it's own interesting rides as well.

If you have a few weeks in the Islands plan to spend some time in Maui, the close proximity of lesser known world class waves and the easier crowd will make you wish you had come here a lot sooner.


Musashi1600: Photograph of a TheBus 40'; December 9, 2006

Plane, bus, boat, car - all these means of transportation are available in Hawaii. Airlines are quite good and you can find virtually all flights between the islands. And you can actually save money and time by planning "triangle routes" that arrive in Hawaii on one island and leave on another. An of course, booking in advance will save you money as well.

If you want to travel by car, book in advance (Waikiki is the only exception) and note that insurance coverage is very expensive - it can pretty much double your daily rate or more. Gasoline won’t be cheap as well. In this situation renting a scooter or taking a bus can be good alternatives. Renting a scooter won’t be as expensive as renting a car (about $50 per day), plus the gas is cheaper as well. And Oahu has an excellent public transportation system - TheBus. The route information on how to get around the island is available from the booklet “TheBus” at local ABC Stores. There are buses on the neighbouring islands, but the system is less developed.

If you prefer to get around by water, than the following options are for you.  There are ferries that operate between Oahu, Maui and Kauai daily, as well as charter boats between some islands, especially the Maui-Molokai-Lanai area.

where to stay

Shaund: Sunset on Kamaole Beach Park I in Kihei, 21 February 2008

Kahului is the largest town and commercial center of the island of Maui in Hawaii.
There are only two hotels in Kahului, both of them on the budget end of the scale and centrally located in Kahului; close from the airport and provide clean and comfortable accommodations.

  • Maui Beach Hotel - Average price about $119
  • Maui Seaside Hotel - Average price about $108

Paia is a town on Maui's north shore with much less concrete and a number of beaches well known for their huge waves.
Accommodation in Paia is mostly cottages, B&B's and guesthouses.
In order to book for them, you will need to ask and work through a local rental agent or even contact the owners directly. Rates tend to be a bit cheaper than the more built-up resort areas, but it could be more expensive depending on the location itself.

Kihei is a town located on Maui's South Shore. The central location makes it easy to get to other parts of the island and Kihei is known to be one of the hottest places on Maui because it doesn't get the breezes that other parts of the island get.

  • Maui Coast Motel - Hotel located across the street from Kamaole Beach. It has a pool, fitness center, tennis courts and will rent out bikes, plus a restaurant and poolside bar. Prices from about $200-400.
  • Hale Kamaole - Units are typically rented through an agency, online or from the owner directly.
  • Mana Kai Maui Resort - One of the few condos in Kihei that is on the ocean instead of across the street from the ocean.
  • Maui Sunset - Across a beach park from the ocean.
  • Sugar Beach Resort - Condos located on a beach north-west of Kihei on the road to Lahaina. Prices from about $225-405


what to pack

Kils: Tauchen1; 19 June 2005

Bring lots of shorts and comfortable clothes for warm weather. Definitely take along some bug repellent spray, good sunscreen, a hat  and sunglasses! And take a good protection for your camera from the sand.

Also, bring cash with you incase you can't find an ATM to withdraw money. You would probably find a bank but it will charge you a hefty fee! So be warned.

A small backpack makes a good carryon bag and will be useful in daily life. Women: remember to take a good flat pair of shoes.... And for everybody: pair of comfortable walking shoes will be great for walking.  

Take booties for protection while surfing.  

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