Lord Howe Island
Best months:
March to September

Lord Howe Island

New South Wales, Australia
LAST UPDATED 11/07/2008
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M.Minderhoud: Lord Howe Island; 6 September 2006

Lord Howe Island is an island territory of the Australian state of New South Wales. It is situated in the Tasman Sea and was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1982 on account of its beauty and biodiversity.

The unique nature of the East Australian Current has blessed Lord Howe with the southernmost coral reefs in the world. This in turn has granted visiting surfers access to some of the most southern living reefbreaks in the world.

Travel and accomodation to the island is strongly conserved due to the UNESCO protection. Observe full precautions regarding customs and quarantine, this island is a rare gem in the Tasman Sea. 


David Morgan-Mar: Lord Howe Island from Kims lookout; 2003-01-14

Lord Howe Island is situated about 600km off the New South Wales coast and is home to the worlds southern most coral reefs - and some great, uncrowded surf spots. The maximum amount of visitors on the island is limited to 400 and since most of these usually aren't surfers, there'll be pretty rich pickings. There are some quality outer reefs on the west side of the island accessible by boat in Lovers Bay and some good quality beaches and reefs on the east side of the island such as Blinky Beach righthander and a right hand reef at Middle Beach.

where to stay

Lord Howe Island, NASA; 23.02.2008

The choice of accommodation on Lord Howe Island is very limited and exclusive and booking in advance is is compulsory, camping is prohibited. A lot of the accommodations here are based around lodges or self contained apartements that can be pretty pricey and most close in the winter time. Eating out can also be an expensive affair - needless to say, this island is not really for the traveller on a shoestring budget.

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