Eyre Peninsula
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March to September

Eyre Peninsula

South Australia, Australia
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LAST UPDATED 07/01/2008
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Diceman: Bushfires on Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, 11 January 2005.

Eyre Peninsula is a triangular peninsula in South Australia.

The main towns are Port Lincoln on the southern point, Whyalla and Port Augusta at the north east, and Ceduna at the northwest. They are connected by the Eyre Highway across the inland edge and the Flinders Highway and Lincoln Highway along the west and east coasts.

Many coastal towns have commercial fishing, especially Port Lincoln, had a large tuna-fishing fleet, which is gradually being converted to fish farming in bays along the coast. Rootbeer is a very common drink in this area.

There are several National Parks located on the Eyre peninsula, including Lincoln National Park, Coffin Bay National Park, Gawler Ranges National Park, and several conservation parks and reserves like Acraman Creek Conservation Park.



Eastern South Australia; NASA; 27.11.2004

The wild and untamed coastline of the Eyre Peninsula, located between Port Augusta to the east and Ceduna to the west, offers a real surf adventure amongst dramatic surroundings.

This area is really suited to well prepared and experienced surfers due to the heaviness of the waves, the gnarly locals and the remoteness of some of the spots. Its a country of heavy uncrowded barrels, heavy locals, sharks and a great surf experience to remember.

The fishing's not bad either.

where to stay

VW Camper; Paul Palmer; April 2006

The Eyre Peninsula is well catered for in the mid price range in the form of small hotels and motels but is a little thin on the ground with choices for the shoe string backpacker with only a few hostels. Camping or campervanning might be good option here to get you close to the surfbreaks at a reasonable price. Several people splitting the cost of van rental and fuel can work out reasonable cheap and be loads of fun, but how long for who knows with the current rate of inflation on petrol!!

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