Savage Islands
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Savage Islands

LAST UPDATED 11/02/2008
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Coimbra68: Selvagem Pequena Island, 21 April 2007

Savage Islands consist of an uninhabitable and small archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago is comprised of two islands and several islets and is the southernmost region of Portugal. The total land area of the Savage Islands is 2.73 km squared.

The Savage Islands is situated near Europe and off Morocco, North Africa. The archipelago lies 230 km from Madeira, and 165 km from the Canary Islands. The islands are surrounded by dangerous reefs, rendering access difficult and limited to few places; there are no fresh water sources.

where to stay

Petercarlsberg: Pousada da Ria, na Murtosa, Aveiro, Portugal, 4 April 2007

The youth hostel network has a large number of hostels available - all of which are in very good conditions but not very cheap. There are also camping grounds which may suit many budget travellers. Camping in unauthorised areas is not allowed.

If you are on a budget, and you want a true 'portuguese' experience, try one Residencial - the home-like hostels ubiquitous in cities and most towns.

On the luxury side, you might try the 'Pousadas de Portugal', a network of hotels reknown for using very beautiful ancient buildings and having excellent service, consistent all over Portugal. However, eating in would be expensive so you'd be better off eating out when staying at the Pousadas.

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