Canary Islands
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Canary Islands

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LAST UPDATED 11/02/2008
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Martorell: Map of Canary Islands, 3 October 2006

The Canary Islands are an Atlantic territory of Spain on the west coast of Africa. The islands have a population of 2 million inhabitants and is a major tourist destination. All major islands have well-developed communiccation systems, airports and ports.

The population is mostly a mix of Spanish, European and South Americans. There are also a minority of other ethnics such as Indians, Koreans and Russians.


Pepelopex: Beach on North of Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura); 2006

Off the coast of southern Morocco / Western Sahara lie the Canaries. Like their Moroccan neighbour, this area enjoys excellent long period swell from the north for months either side of winter. Lanzarote is the northern most island in the chain and the best known for surfing. It’s not that the other islands have bad surf, it’s just that they really haven’t been fully explored for their surfing potential. It’s predominately volcanic reef here so not for the beginner but the north shore of Lanzarote can do a pretty good impression of Hawaii on it’s day…it’s just a little cooler that’s all.

where to stay

Frank C. Müller: Parliament of the Canary Islands, 30 October 2007

Well developed buildings and top sevices are available all year round in the Canary Islands. Most four-five hotels will offer you modern, full-equipped conference halls, quality rooms and with the many options, you can't go wrong.

Canary Islands currently provides visitors with 169 hotels, 723 apartments, bungalows and rural homes to choose from. 

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