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LAST UPDATED 18/03/2008
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Wrh2: Location map for Morocco, 17 July 2006

The North Atlantic Coast of Morocco is one the busiest areas in the country and home to the capital city.


Tangier; AiresSantos; 20.10.06

Northern Morocco is generally considered a summer beach break surf location, it lacks the quality surf and points known further south. In the winter here it is cold and the beach breaks close out in the large winter swells. However there are a few surf spots that stand out such as Medhiya which is protected against the savage swells and winds in a river mouth and similarly so is Doura further south in Rabat. There are some good summer beachies which have nice peaky waves in the smaller summer swells as well as a handful of slabby reefs worth a check.


Pedro Lozano: Asilah shops, 19 August 2008

Asilah is a small beach town about an hour south from Tangier.

This is a great place to relax during your trip to Morocco. Asilah was actually the birthplace of the current Moroccan president and is usually filled with great festivals during August! There will be music and alot of dancing! 


where to stay

Hotguymike: Royal Air Maroc, 25 October 2007

There are two regions in which you can stay in the North Atlantic Coast of Morocco.

A few recommendations in these two divisons are included in the following: 

In Rabat,

For a close walk to the train station with clean large rooms and big windows,  Hotel Splendide is an ideal stay. They also offer meals if you are too lazy to go out and eat out. The only downside is that hot water for showers are only available after 9pm and all bathrooms are shared but generally clean.

In Casablanca, there are a few different types of accommodation you can choose from depending on your budget. For a mid-range stay, Ibis moussafir Casablanca is directly next to the Casa-Voyageurs train station which is very convenient for travellers!

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