Northern Spain
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Northern Spain

LAST UPDATED 19/03/2008
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Andy Hay: Map of Northern Spain, 16 July 2006

The Basque Country and northern Spain is a wider region encompassing the Basque Country, Navarra and La Rioja. Northern Spain is not an area that immediately springs to mind as a popular destination for sun seeking tourists or for those looking to retire to the sun.

The area is popular with tourists seeking a more relaxed Spain where history and rugged coastlines dominate. 


CIAWorldFactbook: Sp-map spain; 2002

Northern Spain has a massive range of surf spots with some of the longest and biggest waves in Europe, if not the world. The quality of these waves varies through the seasons. During the drier summer months the areas to head for are on the western north coast as the beaches in this region handle the small and mid sized swells associated with that time of the year. The coastline also harbours a number of spots protected by the summer northeasterly winds. Durning the winter time most surfers visiting Northern Spain will head for the Basque Country on the Eastern end of the coast bordering France. This is where you will find the reefs capable of handling the huge winter swells, reefs like Menakoz.

where to stay

Sedoglia: Potes, an attractive village in Northern Spain, 23 August 2008

There are many small villages, hotels, hostels and traditional houses available for rent in Northern Spain. Depending on where you want to stay around, there are usually many places available to rent out but book early because they are usually busy during peak season.

Most guest houses have spectacular views and  can fit up to 20 people with about 10 rooms.

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