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LAST UPDATED 19/03/2008
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Rastrojo: Location of Cantabria, 7 January 2008

Cantabria is a Spanish province located on the northern coast. Its capital is Santander with about 180,000 inhabitants.
Because of the gulf stream, Cantabria, as well as the rest of "Green Spain" has a climate much more temperateSince many interesting places are outside the main city Santander in small villages in the countryside a car is useful. than might be expected for its latitude.


Santander; Maria Victoria Gomez Fernandez; 2007/06/11

The coastline of Cantabria is not so rugged as its neighbouring Pais Vasco and The Basque region, reefs are fewer and further between and beach breaks rule. This makes this area a good summer spot as it relies more on the small to medium swells as the big winter waves tend to close the beaches out. There are a coupke of reefs that can handle big swells however such as Santa Marina. There are less surfers in this area too but the locals do seem to be more competitive. Santader is the capital of Cantabria.

where to stay

Kiztom: El Sardinero Beach, 20 June 2008

There are a few places located centrally within the capital of Cantabria, Santander. If you are visiting Cantabria, you may want to stay at Santander where most tourists find have the most entertainment and night life.

If you are on this trip specifically for surfing, Hotel Chiqui and Hotel Sardinero is located near El Sardinero Beach.

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