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Rastrojo: Location of Asturias, 7 January 2008

Asturias is a region in the north of Spain. Residents in Asturias have their own language but the majority will also speak Spanish. The region is divided into five cities - Aviles, Colunga, Gijon, Oviedo and Villaviciosa.

All cities are very walkable, as they're quite compact. If you need a way to get around, bus and taxi are the two best options


PlayaDeBollota; Damian Bohle; 2005

This region is much less visited by travelling surfers and a quiet surfing area. This is due to the fact that the mountains join the sea here making for a very rugged coastline with cliffs dropping straight into the sea and limited access to the few beaches. However, the few beaches there are can be excellent, they face west to pick up summer swells and are protected from the summer northeasterly winds. Crowds are few and there is a good chance of finding a regional classic to your self.

where to stay

Damiovi: Hórreo Tradicional asturiano en el Parque natural de Redes, 26 June 2005

There are many small villages, hotels, hostels and traditional houses available for rent in Asturias. Depending on where you want to stay around, there are usually many places available to rent out but book early because they are usually busy during peak season.

Most guest houses have spectacular views and can fit up to 20 people with about 10 rooms.

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