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Southern Spain, Spain
LAST UPDATED 19/03/2008
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Terences: Outline map of the Andalucia in Spain, 29 June 2007

Andalucia is a region in Southern Spain. It is a region of contrasts: ancient cities and deserts, amazing beaches along the Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz.
Andalucia has an area of 87,268 kilometres squared with a population of 8 million people. It spans almost the entire south of Spain and is bordered to the west by Portugal.


Localisation Andalucia; Satesclop; 15.10.06

The main hub of surfing in Andalucia takes place on the west facing beaches around Cadiz. This area really needs a south westerly swell as it is sheilded from anything from the west and north by Cabo St. Vincent in Portugal. It is also a popular windsurfing loction thanks to the "levante' air flow from the east in winter and the "poniente' air flow from the west in the summer time. The best time to surf around here would be in the winter during which time the water temps are pretty mild and a 3/2 steamer will suffice.

where to stay

Clspeace: Typical Southern Spanish country house, a "cortijo", 31 July 2007

Southern Spain offers a range of accommodations for travellers. Choose from bed and breakfasts to villas and apartments and beachfront bungalows depending on your budget. Guesthouses tend to give you more of an idea of how the culture is.

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