Golden Outback
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September to February

Golden Outback

Western Australia, Australia
LAST UPDATED 07/01/2008
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Roke: Western Australia region of Goldfields-Esperance, 28 October 2005

Golden Outback is one of the largest regions in Western Australia.

It gets its name not just from the fascinating Goldfields of the Kalgoorlie area, but also from the golden beaches and amazing coastline of Esperance, and the carpets of wildflowers that spring to life across the region seasonally.

You can stroll through the snow-white beaches along the Esperance coast, and have a feel of the golden days of the infamous Goldrush in the Kalgoorlie Goldfiends, wandering through fields of wildflowers and be treated with warm country hospitality in the Wheatbelt.

Wave Rock is in this region, as are many outback adventure drives, such as the Outback Highway. Like the Nullabor Plain, which also sweeps across this region, the Golden Outback offers a true Australian experience.


Xerkibard: Esperance, WA; 2005

The stretch alomg the south of Western Australia all the way to the South Australian Border is known as the Golden Outback. Long trips between townships and deserted beaches make for a unique surfing experience.

The whole coast here is ideally placed to take full advantage of SW depressions and swell trains spraying out from the Antartic and peppering the coastline. May to September will be your prime season for these swells with rarer NW swells courtesy of descending Indian Ocean cyclonic systems more common from Dec-Feb. Onshore winds courtesy of the enormous inland deserts are very common in summer and sometimes there is just no beating them, no mattter how early you get up. Winter is better with morning offshores common but it is rare not to see some onshore activity late in the afternoon. Enjoy the reefs and relish the points, easily some of the best Australia has to offer.

The coastline is wild, rugged and largely inaccessible, but rarely crowded and home to some excellent waves, if you don't mind surfing alone. There are some great beaches along this coastline but the less experienced should stick to the ones nearer to the towns where they are more likely to have company.

where to stay

Albany Gap; Nachoman; 08.02.2001

Accommodation is plentiful around the main towns of Esperance and Albany, if a little sparse in between, with a broad spectrum of choices in all regions ranging from good quality camp grounds to hostels, hotels and motels. Book in advance during holiday seasons and public holidays to avoid disappointment - it's well worth contacting the local tourist information offices who will point you in the right direction and offer good advice on the best places to stay - they will even book you in if you ask them nicely!!

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