South West, Western Australia
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April to September

South West, Western Australia

Western Australia, Australia
LAST UPDATED 07/01/2008
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Roke: South West region in Western Australia, 28 October 2005

Western Australia's South West region is about 24,000 square kilometres in area.

It comprises the area south of the PeelHeartlands and Great Southern regions.
The South and West of the the region is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Because of this, this beautiful corner of the continent boasts a rugged coastline, caves, wineries, and very good surfing.

The cities consist of:

  • Bunbury - "Bun'O" the "capital" of the Southwest
  • Busselton
  • Collie
  • Dunsborough
  • Manjimup - the Southwest's commercial center
  • Margaret River - for wineries, surf, forests, coastal scenery
  • Pemberton - for wineries, forests



B Morey: Bunbury, WA: 2007

Surrounding the Margaret River region lies the South West, this is the first spot many of the SW swell trains make landfall on cold water reefs and sensitive points.

The whole coast here is ideally placed to take full advantage of SW depressions and swell trains spraying out from the Antartic and peppering the coastline. May to September will be your prime season for these swells with rarer NW swells courtesy of descending Indian Ocean cyclonic systems more common from Dec-Feb. Onshore winds courtesy of the enormous inland deserts are very common in summer and sometimes there is just no beating them, no mattter how early you get up. Winter is better with morning offshores common but it is rare not to see some onshore activity late in the afternoon. Enjoy the reefs and relish the points, easily some of the best Australia has to offer.

where to stay

Red wine grapes; Fir0002; 09.05.2005

This is a hugely popular corner of Australia for many reasons, firstly and most relevently, is the surfing, but thats not all it has to offer the traveller. It also happens to be home to some internationally acclaimed Vineyards, exquisite restaurants, tasty dairy products such as cheddar cheese and yogurt and chocolate! So if the surf is flat you can gorge yourself stupid!

As for where to stay, such a popular place is forced to have accommodation to suit every kind of traveller for which ever reason they choose to visit the region. There are backpackers hostels with a friendly and sharing vibe. These are based upon dorm style beds with shared bathroom, kitchen and common room facilities - usually with a full range of surf DVD's to wind down to in an evening with a local red - or slab of beer - whichever floats your boat. 

You can also find self contained apartments for weekly rent, rustic cottages, lodges, motels and top end hotels aimed at city slickers down here for some wine quaffing - or flush surfers who require a super comfy stay.

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