Agalega Island
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Agalega Island

LAST UPDATED 15/04/2008
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Map of the archipelago of Agalega, Mauritius

The Agalega Islands are two islands in the Indian Ocean, lying 1,100 km north of Mauritius. However, the islands administered by Mauritius have a total area of 70km².

The two islands are known for their coconuts, the production of which is the main industry, and for the Agalega Island Day Gecko. The North Island is home to the islands' airstrip and the capital of Vingt Cinq and village of La Fourche, while the South Island has the village of Sainte Rita.

At one time, no “money” was circulated on the islands. The only form of payment was by government-issued vouchers and debited directly from the inhabitants' salaries.


she_joker87: Eurofly, 10 May 2008

You can reach Mauritius by flying from Europe. Air Mauritius runs over 30 flights weekly to and through Mauritius in major cities of Europe. British Airways operates four weekly flights, Emirates Airlines three and Condor one.

So there are many flights to Mauritius.

To travel around the island, you can go on a tour.

The tours around the island can be planed by region if you are driving yourself. Each side of Mauritius has very interesting places to visit. By visiting the island you will also learn about its culture, people and history.


where to stay

Sunset Pool @ Maritim Hotel, Mauritius

Visitors coming to the island have a large choice of hotels, bungalows, apartments and villas. There is a very large range of accommodation available in Mauritius and there is a large number of high class accommodations which receive important/VIP people from all over the world.

However, all main hotel groups still offer a large number of rooms to the visitors from low budget to luxury with a range of facilities and activities.

Hotels can be found everywhere on the island on the coastal areas but also in the town and cities of the island.

what to pack

feub: Beach Bag, 16 October 2007

Take your best beach and casual wear cause everyday will be a beach day!

In the winter months (June -September), bring some light woollen clothing for the cooler evenings.

When entering religious places, remove leather shoes and belts before entering premises.

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