Ile Europa
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Ile Europa

LAST UPDATED 15/04/2008
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CIAWorldFactbook2002: Map of Europa Island, 8 August 2003

Île Europa is the french name for Europa Island. Europa Island is infact no where near Europe, it is a 28 km² low atoll  in the Mozambique Channel, about half way from southern Madagascar to southern Mozambique. It has 22.2 kilometres of coastline, but no ports or harbours. Anchorage is possible offshore as the airstrip is 1,500 metres long.

The island is surrounded by coral beaches and a fringing reef and encloses a mangrove lagoon of around 9 km². Its vegetation also consists of dry forest, scrub, euphorbia and the remains of a sisal plantation.


Europa Island: Roger Kerjouan; Jan 2007

Situated in the Mozambique channel, Europa Island is a French possession garisoned by Reunion. The island itself is fairly difficult to reach and offers limited tourist attractions. Surfing is limited to a very narrow swell window that allows dead south swell in only. There are several breaks that work well with this swell but you may find yourself twidling your thumbs for an awful long time between sessions. There is an airstrip on the island but if you are intent on surfing here then anchoring to the north would be your best best and then trying the beaches on the west coast or the reefs on the east coast when it all comes together. Plan to write your memoirs in between.

Hardcore explorers only need apply

where to stay

There are no public accommodations on Europa Island.

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