Banc du Geyser
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Banc du Geyser

LAST UPDATED 15/04/2008
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where to stay

There are no public accommodations on Banc du Geyser


Vincnet: Banc du geyser, 13 September 2006

Banc du Geyser is a mostly submerged reef in the Mozambique Channel's northeastern part. It is in a dangerous oval shape 8kms long and 5kms wide that is only exposed at low tides, exception of some rock formations in the southern part of the reef.

The rocks are generally 1.5 to 3m in height, the largest of which is South Rock, with a height of 8m, similar to a boat under sail. The entrance into the central lagoon is possible from a south-southeastern direction. There is an abundance of sea birds, and the cays are covered in tons of guano.

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