Scott and Seringapatam Reefs
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Scott and Seringapatam Reefs

Western Australia, Australia
LAST UPDATED 15/04/2008
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NASA: Scott and Seringapatam Reefs; 2005

Situated well offshore from NW Western Australia, Scott and Seringapatam are a collection of sub sea platform reefs that have long ben famous with fishermen but recently have begun to offer an option for travelling surfers.

The sheer location of the shoals in the middle of the Indian Ocean some 200 miles from land renders them expensive to travel to. This location however ensures a regular supply of open ocean swell activity. The Scott and Seringapatam Reefs are an area to watch in the future in terms of new open ocean wave discoveries.


NASA: Scott and Seringapatam Reefs Scot Reefs, 29 November 1996

Scott and Seringapatam Reefs is a group of atoll reefs in the Timor Sea over 300 km northwest of Cape Leveque, Western Australia. There are 3 to 4 reef structures, depening on whether Scott Reef Central is counted as a part of it or not.

The group is just one of a number of reef formations off the northwest coast of Australia and belongs to Western Australia.
Further to the northeast are Ashmore and Cartier Islands, and to the southwest are the Rowley Shoals.

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