North-East Coast
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North-East Coast

LAST UPDATED 23/02/2009
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Magnus Manske: Looking south along the beach in Bathsheba on the Atlantic Coast, 25 January 2008

Saint Joseph is a parish of Barbados on the eastern side of the island.

The parish is home to two of the more notable botanic gardens in the country - Flower Forest and Andromeda Gardens.
Parts of St. Joseph are also referred to as the Scotland District.


janderk: Mini Moke, 7 November 2005

If you are planning to hire a car, keep in mind that driving is on the left!

The bus is cheap, easy and fast! If you are heading someone along the main roads, it is best to catch a bus, but it will not take you into those out-of-the-sights that are probably worth seeing.
Buses are run by the Barbados Transport Board (blue color) and are quiet. Private operators include the yellow buses, which play very loud music, and private mini-vans (white color), which are usually cramped and crowded. The two privately run means of transport are often driven very fast and recklessly.

All charge the same fare (BD$1.50). Yellow buses and minivans offer change and sometimes even accepts US dollars!

where to stay

Kevin James: Butterfly Beach Barados, 7 May 2008

Barbados offers everything from cheap guest houses with bed and breakfast at under $40.00 a day for a single room  to luxury accommodations at some of the world's best hotels at $1,600 a day.

There is also the option of renting an apartment. Most apartments in Barbados provide renters with cooking facilities and are located either on or close to the beach.

If you would like more privacy, there is a wide selection of luxury villas and cottages available on/near the beach as well.

Privately owned vacation rentals are often rented at much lower costs than hotel or resort rooms. There is a wide selection of these holiday properties available throughout Barbados.

what to pack

Kevin James: Rum Shop, Barados, 7 May 2008

Shopping districts are popular in Barbados, with ample duty-free shopping so there is no need to bring much.

Just bring your neccessities! You would want to bring alot back home!

Other attractions include wildlife reserves, jewellery stores, scuba diving, helicopter rides, golf, festivals (the largest being the annual crop over festival July/Aug), sightseeing, cave exploration, exotic drinks and fine clothes shopping.

So bring scuba diving gear, some dressy clothes for festivals and thongs for the comfort of crazy shopping! 

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