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NordNordWest: Map of Germany with the borders of the 16 federal states, 27 May 2008

Bremen is a Hanseatic city in northwestern Germany.

It is a port city along the river, Weser, about 60 kilometres south from the North Sea. In 2005, the population of the city was estimated to be 545,983, while the metropolitan area of Bremen-Oldenburg has a population of more than 2.37 million.

Thus, Bremen is the second most populous city in North Germany and tenth in Germany.

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JimChampion: Old town of N├╝rnberg, view from Spittlertorturm, 21 December 2007

A few options which have received considerably high ratings or quite popular to travellers:

Budget travellers - 

  • International Youth Hostel Kalkstr
  • Emil-Waldmann-Strasse 
  • Townside Hostel Bremen Am Dobben
Five star hotels -
  • Hochzeitshaus - known as the smallest hotel. It only has one room, but it is located in the heart of the Schnoor district. Caters for newly wed couples seeking somewhere to consummate their marriages after the ceremony.
  • Hilton - popular hotel worldwide..

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