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Faroe Islands
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Arne List: Position of Suðuroy, Faroe Islands, 11 September 2005

Suðuroy, also referred to as the South Island, is the southernmost of the Faroe Islands. This region covers 163.7 squared kilometres and has a population of 5000 inhabitants.

The highest point of Suðuroy is the mountain Gluggarnir, peaking at 610 metres high, but the most famous peak is definitely the mountain of Beinisvørð, located west of the village of Sumba. The Beinisvørð and its beauty has been praised by the local poet Poul F. Joensen (1899-1970).


Arne List: Beinisvord, Westcoast of Suduroy, Faroe Islands, 11 April 2005

Visitors of Suðuroy travel by ferry from Tórshavn. The crossing takes about two hours and if the weather is nice, the trip is beautiful and a fantastic experience in itself. There are scenic views of nine of the Faroe Islands on the way, appearing in the following order: Streymoy, Nólsoy, Hestur, Koltur, Sandoy, Skúvoy, Stóra Dímun, Lítla Dímun and Suðuroy.
As you travel past the two Dimun islands, the coastline of Suðuroy is in the background. It is possible to go by bus from the harbour of Drelnes to Tvøroyri and all other villages on the island.

where to stay

Malene: Double rainbow at Suðuroy, Faroese Islands, 16 January 2006

Accommodation in Suðuroy range from Bed & Breakfast, Hotels, Youth Hostels and Cottages. Booking is essential.
When you find a place to accommodate at, stay several days to double your pleasure, you'll find that rushing from one village to another will not allow you to see the beauty around you.

It is very difficult to find accommodation in Suðuroy during Summer as the the Faroes celebrate Midsummer's Day during this season. The ferries to the island are always full and there are plenty of summer events and festivals.

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