Haifa District (מחוז חיפה)
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Haifa District (מחוז חיפה)

LAST UPDATED 27/08/2008
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Ynhockey: Map of Haifa District, Israel, 27 March 2006

Haifa district is one of six administrative districts of Israel, and the capital of it is Haifa.

Haifa is also the third largest city in Israel with a population of almost 300,000 and a land area of 864 km². It is a seaport located on Israel's Mediterranean shoreline, below scenic Mount Carmel.

The district however, has a population of the district stood at 858,000, of which 71.27% are Jewish, 18.81% are Arab Muslims, 1.78% are Arab Christians, 2.52% are Druze, and 4.9% are "not classified by religion" - data found from Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, at the end of 2005.


David Shankbone: Haifa from Baha'i gardens, December 2007

Haifa has its own airport, Haifa Airport which serves flights to Tel Aviv and Eilat, although the closest international airport is Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv.

From Ben Gurion, you could connect on a flight to Haifa, although, chances are you'll have to transfer between terminals, or even airports, to Sde Dov Airport. The better option is to travel straight on to Haifa; which is a maximum of two hours to drive.

where to stay

Erezico: Hotel Dan Carmel Haifa, 13 August 2008

For budget travellers,

  • Port Inn, Yafo Road (in Old City)
  • Rutenberg Institute
  • Haddad's Guest House
For mid-ranged travellers,
  • Dan Gardens Haifa Hotel
  • Hotel Beth Shalom
For splurge,
  • Dan Carmel Haifa Hotel
  • Dan Panorama Haifa Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Haifa


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