Ratak Chain
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Ratak Chain

Marshall Islands
LAST UPDATED 28/08/2008
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Hobe: Map of Ratak Islands, 3 March 2008

The Ratak Chain is a chain of islands within the island nation of the Marshall Islands. Ratak is defined as "sunrise" in english. As of 1999, the total population of the Ratak islands is 30,925 inhabitants.

where to stay

Hscholz: Marshall islands enoko island beach, 5 February 2008

There are plenty of accomodation options on Marshall Islands ranging from small B&Bs to luxurious island resorts.

Experience the ocean breezes as you drift to sleep in a traditional thatched bungalow, or feel the
waves rock you to sleep upon a live-aboard dive boat. Make sure you visit all 6 atolls of the Ratak Chains!

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