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BogdanThe city of Constanta in Romania, 18 April 2005

Constanţa is the oldest city in Romania, it was founded by the Greeks as a port on the Black Sea for trading with inland people. Being the third largest city in Romania and fourth largest in the Europe, Constanţa has the biggest harbour on the Black Sea, Port of Constanţa.

Dobrogea is the capital of the Constanta county and Romania's largest seaport, it is a great city to begin to explore the wonders of the sea.

where to stay

Rar3sh: City of Constanta, 7 August 2006

There are so many choices and varieties of accommodation when staying at Constanta.

You can choose from a budget hostel to a luxury hotel. Depending on the season you go there, prices can vary. Some hotels in Mamaia are open in the winter and you can get very good deals on accommodation in the off season!
Remember to book your hotels though, because it can be very busy during peak-seasons.

Staff at hotels may not be able to speak english, so it would be handy to bring along a translation book or go with a Romanian friend if possible!

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