Saint Denis
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Saint Denis

LAST UPDATED 25/11/2008
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Metropolitan: Map of Paris & its inner ring départements/localization of Saint Denis, 10 October 2006

Saint-Denis is located 9.4 kilometres from the centre of Paris. Saint-Denis is a sous-préfecture of the Seine-Saint-Denis département, being the seat of the Arrondissement of Saint-Denis. Inhabitants of Saint-Denis are called Dionysiens.

The martyred saint was said to have been beheaded in Paris, yet miraculously picked up his own head, washed it and walked nearly ten kilometers north to his future namesake village. In Paris, you can see his headless statue by the main door of Notre Dame and his headless portrait in the mosaic of Sacre Coeur.
Saint Denis is also home to France's national stadium, Stade de France, built for the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

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