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Sadalmelik: Topographic map of Mentawai Islands, Indonesia, 3 September 2007

Siberut is the largest of the 4 islands on the archipelago of the Mentawai, with an area of 4.030 km².

It is famous for its untouched forests; a part of a nature reserve inhabited by a number of animal species not found anywhere else, among them some rare monkey species. Beautiful coral reefs are found offshore.

where to stay

Neeta Lind: Luxury Resort, 15 December 2007

There are a few resorts on the island to stay in, but as the area isn't big, you need to book early, especially during holiday seasons.
Several bungalows are available for tourists with prior arrangement. This will be the home base before traveling to villages. In the villages, you might get invited to one of the traditional houses. Bring your own sleeping mat and preferably mosquito net. In certain villages such as in Madobak, there are small guesthouse with simple bathroom and toilet facilities.

There is also a luxury resort there that is very popular to travellers. Lot of visitors said, that the best housing to stay is the local people house. These offer you a distinctive way of living in a unique architecture and experience interacting with local people.


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