Roti and Savu Islands
Best months:
April to October

Roti and Savu Islands

Timor, Indonesia
LAST UPDATED 06/02/2009
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Town market in Ba'a; Angra; June 2008

Roti Island, also known as Pulau Rote in Indonesian is located off the southwest coast of Timor sandwiched between the Savu Sea to its north and the Timor Sea to its south. The layout of the landscape is typically Indonsian with it's rolling tropical hills and terraced plantations of rice and acacia palm, farming is the major form of employment here seconded only by fishing. The main populated area is the twon of Ba'a to the north end of the island.


Nusa Manuk; Angra; June 2008

Roti Island bares the full brunt of any Indian Ocean swell to its southwest quarter around the Nemberala Beach region. The most famed break in the area is T-Land, a powerful lefthand reef pass break dealing out long world class rides that can hold a good size, add to this good solid right handers wrapping around the offshore islands of Do'o and N'Dau and the unspoilt under populated location and you've all the spoilings of a memoreable surf trip. The best time to visit is from April to October when the clean, well travelled lines emerging from the southwest fold over the prestine reefs and the trade winds are light and offshore throughout the day.

where to stay

Rotenese drummer; Angra; June 2008

The island of Roti is still pretty much a low key affair in terms of tourism, however, one or to surfing based resorts have opened in the Nemberala Beach region offering luxurious accommodation at reasonable rates. These resorts offer packages including daily boat charters to the breaks plus transfers, meals and all the usual expectations, as well as fishing and snorkelling trips if the surf craps out, or you fancy a change.

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