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Faroe Islands
LAST UPDATED 23/02/2009
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Arne List: Position of Sandoy, Faroe Islands, 11 September 2005

Sandoy is a mild and green small island, situated next to a sandy beach on the Faroe Islands. The largest village on the island Sandur, with a population of 600 inhabitants. Other settlements include Skarvanes, Skopun, Skálavík, Húsavík and Dalur.
Sandoy is a good island for cyclists and hikers because of its relatively flat terrain and its cliffs along the western shore can offer a unique hoking experience.


where to stay

Erik Christensen: Skarvanes on Sandoy, Faroe Islands, October 2004

Ranging from summer houses, bed & breakfasts, youth hostels and hotels, Sandoy offers comfortable accommodation for every budget. Summer houses are for those who'd like to stay a little longer and have a place to themselves whilst enjoying the great view of the island. Youth hostels are similar to summer houses except shared with others.

Camping is also available on the island, located in the village Sand.

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