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Rei-artur: Map of Portugal, 7 January 2006

Known for its long windy beaches, Peniche is a seaside municipality and city in Central Portugal. It has approximately 15,600 inhabitants, over half of the population in the country.

The Berlengas islands are part of the municipality, off the coast of Peniche. The island and its nature reserve are one of the world's first protected areas. Only during summer can the islands can be visited by taking a ferryboat from Peniche.


Gustty: Surf in Peniche, Portugal, 24 November 2006

Surfing, Windsurfing and Kitesurfing are the best known activities in the Peniche region as Peniche has very good waves. Supertubos is the most popular wave in the region, with very fast and powerful (tubular) waves, one of the best in Europe; some call it the "European Pipeline". The beauty in Peniche - its typical harbour, white windmills and chapels and large sandy beaches has inspired many artists such as Maurice Boitel.


Courtesy of Peniche Surf Camp: Portugal airports

Portugal has 3 major international airports, Porto in the North, Lisbon in the Centre and Faro in the South.

The best airport for those wishing to come to Peniche Surf Camp is Lisbon airport, but it's not hard getting to Peniche from any other airport. Choose the city where you'll be arriving to see more information on how to get to Peniche.

where to stay

Courtesy of Peniche Surf Camp: Balela Apartments

Peniche Surf Camp offers every traveller the ultimate accomodation option they have in mind - from private apartments, beach houses, fisherman houses to bungalows and camping grounds. Peniche Surf Camp base is located near three main surf spots, has an excellent view of the sea, in particular the waves of Lagido, Prainha and also to the north beaches where there are waves of Almagreira and belgas.

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