Buenos Aires Province
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Buenos Aires Province

LAST UPDATED 29/04/2009
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Mar Del Plata. http://www.welcomeargentina.com

The province of Buenos Aires houses the main surfing area in Argentina. The most popular and best quality breaks lie on a length of Atlantic coastline around the towns of Mar Del Plata and Mirimar.  Mar Del Plata is really the home of Agrentina’s surfing community and so is probably the best place to start a surf trip.  Having a exposed coastline the area gets waves year-round thought the southern hemisphere lows and cold fronts provide the most powerful swells and bigger surf, from May to October.



Buenos Aires Province. source: http://www.argentour.com

Locally called Provincia de Buenos Aires, this is the largest and most populated province of Argentina, with over 15 million people calling it home. Not to be confused with the city of Buenos Aires which is located in the next province north, and is not part of the Buenos Aires province. Topographically it is mainly flat, with two low inland mountain ranges. The entire coastline borders the Atlantic ocean and has several beachside town worthy of a visit for the travelling surfer. 


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