Limon - Caribbean Coast
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Limon - Caribbean Coast

Costa Rica
LAST UPDATED 14/05/2009
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Carribean Beach

Limón is the largest province of Costa Rica and extends the entire eastern coast, which fronts the Cariebbean Sea. It borders Panama to the south and  Nicaragua to the north.  Once upon a time this coastline was frontier stuff, however around 1867 a seaport was established at Puerto Limon on the central part of the coast, now the capital of the province.  This port was set up to export bananas from the region's booming plantations to markets around the world. A short time later construction on a railway was also started from from Puerto Limon to San Jose, though not around today. This development saw the influx of imigrants mainly from Jamaica, and today about 50 percent of Limón's residents are of Afro-Caribbean ancestry. Consequently the atnosphere in the province is laid back 'Caribbean-style mon'. Combined with beautiful becahes and nature reserves, it is definately woth the effort to travel here, and is often missed by those who stick to the Pacific coast.  Oh yes, and it does get surpisingly good surf.

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