Bocas del Toro
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Bocas del Toro

LAST UPDATED 02/10/2009
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Bocas del Toro - Isla Zapatilla

The Bocas del Toro are a small group of islands located just off Panama's northwest coast, bordering the Limon province of Costa Rica.  They area an archipelago is made up of 7 main islands, including Colon, Bastimentos, and Carenero.  The city of Bocas del Toro (known as Bocas) is located on the archipelago's largest and most-developed island, Isla Colon. This is where where most visitors choose to stay and is a good base to plan any prospective surf trip.  Like the Costa Rica Caribbean coast, it is made up of beautiful sand beaches and lush tropical rain forests, all wrapped in laid back Caribbean culture.  The islands and smaller islets also house a multitude of points and reefs, many of which are still undiscovered.

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