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Mohonu: NASA picture of Maupiti, 4 March 2008

A little over 300kms west of Tahiti, Maupiti is a small, isolated island at the tip of the society archipelago. It is a little jewel of an island that doesn't pale next to its famous neighbour, Bora Bora.

Impressive and proud as a medieval fortress, its rocky peak overlooks an exceptionally beautiful lagoon.

Protected by an ocean pass said to be difficult in period of strong swells, the island remains relatively isolated. Perhaps this preserved serenity, this untouched natures are the reasons why sea turtles keep laying their eggs on its white sand beaches. Here, nature remains the absolute ruler and the few family hotels established on the island or on the "motu" will share those unique moments of harmony that can only be found on the islands of French Polynesia.


Kuurgen: Photograph of supply ship "Tahiti Nui VI" for Maupiti, 11 February 2009

There are ancient Polynesian archaeological artefacts dating from at least AD 850 in Maupiti. The first European to arrive on the island was the Dutchman Jakob Roggeveen in 1722. Historically, the island has had strong cultural links with Bora Bora.

where to stay

Tensaibuta: Overwater Bungalows in Bora Bora, 27 October 2007

There are approximately 35 hotels on the island of Maupiti.

Family hotels are harmiously integrated in their natural settings, often located on "motu" - far from the artifical world but right in the midst of traditional Polynesian hospitality.

Some small hotels/family pensions include Pension Taputea, Pension Tautiare Village, Maupiti Residence, Fare Pae'o, Pension Terama, Pension Poe Iti, Pension Rose Del Iles and Le Kuriri

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