Jeju Island
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June to October

Jeju Island

South Korea
LAST UPDATED 08/08/2010
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Jungmun Beach

Jeju is a volcanic island about one-hour flight from Seoul. It is a small oval-shaped island, measuring approx. 70km from east to west by 30km from north to south, however this makes it the largest island in Korea. It's locally referred to as "Korea's Hawaii", although in actual fact it bears little resemblance to Hawaii. The comparison mainly from Koreans' perception of the island as a sun, sand and sea destination. The island contains the Natural World Heritage Site Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes and is dominated by Halla-san, which is South Korea's tallest mountain at about 2100 m. Jeju has a nice subtropical climate, and 13 sandy beaches. Surf-wise it all centres around Jungmun Beach on the south coast.

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