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Echu888 from Moorea island, 15 December 2007

Moorea is a high island in French Polynesia, part of the Society Islands - northwest of Tahiti. The name, Moorea is defined as "yellow lizard" in Tahitian and was also known as Aimeho, or Eimeo historically.

Ferries depart from Papeete to Varlare wharf in Moorea daily. The Moorea Airport (MOZ) has connections to the  international airport in Papeete and so it can be easily travelled to.

Because of its stunning scenery and easy accessibility to Papeete, Moorea is tends to be toured by many western tourists who travel to French Polynesia, it is an especially popular destination for a honeymoon.

Moorea is cheaper and less touristy than Tahiti, so if you are on a budget and visiting French Polynesia, Moorea would be the perfect place to stay.

Another thing to note is that there are chickens everywhere, so if you have "Chicken-Phobia", stay away from this island. Also for "late wakers", roosters start crowing at 6am.



Samoano: Moorea, Motu Tiahura - French Polynesia; 2000

A short ferry or plane ride to the west of Tahiti lies the isle of Moorea. Part of the Society Island Group, Moorea is smaller, less visited and offers excellent exposure to swell from the SW to the S. A selection of challenging reef passes pose challenges for visitors and fierce locals alike.

where to stay

Echu888 from Moorea island, 15 December 2007

Family pensions are affordable, convenient and extremely comfortable. Although they are small in size, some pensions may have water views and small restaurants while others are further back toward the hills. Pensions are typically have less than 10 rooms or bungalows. Traveller opinions about pensions will vary but most will agree that their stay was very personalized and a memorable experience. Costs typically about $130-$350 USD.

There are only two really cheap places on Moorea and a couple other cheap places that aren't on the beach and where you might get eaten by the mosquitoes.
One of the cheap places is Moorea Camping - Inexpensive and right on the beach with soft sand, in the lagoon, palm trees, the whole megilla. It can also be a great reef for snorkelling.
Tent camping is available, as are dorm style, and motel style rooms. Rooms include kitchen facilities, shared bathrooms and cold water. As mentioned earlier, there are no mosquitoes, but no soap is supplied so definitely backpackers spot. $12USD fpr dorm. The other cheap place would be Chez Nelson, Tiahura, Haapiti, providing similar facilities and location.

There are some really fancy hotels and resorts although no super-resorts like on Tahiti.

The Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa is the cheapest of the high-end resorts. Room types range from motel rooms to overwater bungalows. This is an 80+ room resort and contains a pool, bar, and restaurant areas. Within walking distance of the resort is a small village, which brings you to a market, bank, snack bar, and a pizza restaurant.
There are also neighbouring Japanese and seafood restaurants as well if you like a larger range of preferences.

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