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Doron:Korotogo Beach; 1998

Mamanuca Islands are a group of about 20 tiny islands west of Viti Levu in Fiji. About 7 of the islands are covered by the Pacific Ocean at high tide.

This island group contains the majority of the better known premier waves of Fiji discovered to date. Cloudbreak, Namotu, Restaurants - they're all here. One has the feeling that there is a lot more out there as well awaiting discovery.



Jared Wiltshire: Bountry Island, Fiji; 2007

About an hour west of Nadi by boat lays The Mamanuca Group of islands and the heart of Fijian surfing. Surfing came to Fiji big time in the 1980's when American surf camps bought up the islands of Namotu and Tavaru and made them paying guest only destinations. These two islands easily said the best breaks in the whole country, so whilst it's a lot of fun to be staying there surfing your own break with 40 of your closet friends - it's soul destroying surfing side shore Wilkes Passage on a hire boat watching learners go whee on Namotu lefts peeling in the distance.

Fiji has worked out that selling your islands isn't really a good idea so at least it won’t be happening again. Unless you are staying on either Namotu or Tavaru your options are a little limited, Wilkes Passage is a good wave but easily blown out by the prevailing trade winds. There are a few rare gems in larger swells on Mana Island in the group such as Plantation Point and Bird Rock and further west towards the outer reefs there is a spot known as The Edge, cross your boat drivers palm with $60 Fijian and all will be revealed.

Travel around the islands by fishing boat can be frustrating; boats break, the locals go fishing, forget to pick you up etc. If you find a good driver pay them well and you should be fine. Few Fijians surf and so you need to have your wits about you when you go out. If it looks sketchy or sharky then go off your own gut instinct. It can also be an expensive exercise having the locals take you out at $60 a pop with everyone in the boat giving the thumbs up that it's going to be good. Then when you get out and its 6 inches of sideshore, the locals will usually point at it and say - go surf! Either that or just scratch their nuts and good today huh?


Vmenkov: Riding a local bus in Nadi, Fiji; 10 December 2007

There are many ways of travelling Fiji: by bus, "share taxis", private taxi, bike, ferry or car. Bicycles are becoming more popular in Fiji, but be aware of the traffic and don't travel at night. So bicycle transport in Fiji is unadvisable except for those who are very ambitious or very well-informed.

You can also take a ferry for the inter-island transfer. Check Awesome Adventures Fiji and South Sea Cruises.

Road travel tends to be more dangerous than many people think it is, so bus is the cheapest and safest option unless you are truly comfortable and capable of driving a car on your own. In this case try to avoid driving at night, especially outside of urban areas.

where to stay

Mana Island Resort (from

There are many resorts on Mamanucas and myriad of honeymoon resorts from which to choose. Islands are especially popular for romantic beach resort weddings (Navini Island Resort, Malolo Island Resort, Likuliku Lagoon Resort, Castaway Island Resort, Mana Island Resort, Vomo Resort, Matamanoa Island Resort, and Tokoriki Island Resort).

Some resorts cater to the day tripper, with a chartered pick-up and drop-off boat with plentiful activities to choose from once you reach your day's destination.

If you are after some party time, check out Beachcomber Island, which is a popular backpackers resort catering to travellers who are looking for a place to relax and have a good time.

Walu Beach Resort, located on Malolo Island in the Mamanucas, is very nice and comfortable one. Matamanoa Island is a small resort for adults looking for a tranquil and tropical destination. Just note that it does not allow children under the age of 12. In both resorts guests may stay in beachfront bures or hotel rooms and spend their days lying on the beach or by the pool, snorkelling on the reefs ringing the island, scuba diving, kayaking, etc.

what to pack

Kils: Tauchen1; 19 June 2005

Take your snorkelling gear with you – you won’t regret. Sunscreen is an absolute must. Definitely take along some bug repellent spray and sunglasses! Bring along your cold and flu medications because you're sure to want to jump into the water the whole time you are there!

You’ll need short sleeved t-shirts, shorts and long trousers (pants) and probably a light jacket or pullover for the more blustery days and evenings and sun cream for days out on the water.

Don't forget your camera, there are alot of scenes worthy of keeping a shot of.

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