Western Bukit Peninsula
Best months:
March to September

Western Bukit Peninsula

Bali, Indonesia
LAST UPDATED 07/01/2008
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Jpatokal: Topographical map of Bali; 31 July 2006

The Bukit peninsula is an upside down mushroom shaped limestone plateau.  Years ago access to the Bukit consisted of thrashing up potholed dirt tracks and through bush. The discovery of the Bukit’s great surfing breaks changed all that, now access is via a surfaced road and each year more westerners move to the Bukit.

The most famous landmark is Pura Uluwatu, overlooking the western coast.


Surfer at Ulu Watu, Bali; Matt Smith/crystalbluephotography.com; Nov 2007

The western Bukit Peninsula is home to the world famous Ulu Watu, one of the first surfed waves in Bali, as well as many other freight train left hand reef breaks like Padang Padang and Impossibles.

This area is probabley the main hub of Balinese surfing and most travellers passing through Indonesia will visit this spot at some point. It is within easy access of Kuta though you can stay right above the breaks themselves if you don't want the hassle and noise. It has produced some great local surfers and like the rest of the west coast, the best time to visit would have to be May to September for the offshores and sunny days.

This area is strictly reefs only with little room for error on most days so novice surfers should really stick to the mellower beach breaks of Kuta or the reef at Medewi on Bali's west coast.

There is an abundance of warung on the cliffs around here so you can grab a bite and a beer and chill out between sessions and chat to the friendly locals.

where to stay

Uluwatu temple monkey; Matt Smith/Crystalbluephotography.com; Oct 1999

The Western Bukit Peninsula is all about the famed lefthanders of Uluwatu and Padang Padang. It's face is changing from year to year as more warung (small indo cafes) spring up along the cliff as well as losmens to stay in (traditional Indo digs) There are also larger resort type hotels that have been developed in recent years though these are a bit more exclusive and expensive. The breaks here are only about a 15-20 minute taxi/moped ride from downtown Kuta and most people opt to stay there and make the short trip every morning for a surf check, the advantage of this is you still have the convenience of the town and it's distractions if the surf is flat.

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