East Coast, Bali
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East Coast, Bali

Bali, Indonesia
LAST UPDATED 07/01/2008
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Jpatokal: Topographical map of Bali; 31 July 2006

The eastern part of Bali will meet you with great scenery. You will find mountains in the northern part of this region - Tirta Gangga will amaze you with the water palace and beautiful rice terraces. If you are looking for a peaceful gateway, then Candi Dasa — a very quiet tourist area with a few good restaurants - is what you are looking for. 


Surfer at Serangan Island, Bali; Matt Smith/crystalbluephotography.com; Nov 2007

If you're a natural footer and want some relief from the countless lefts on the west coast then pay the east coast a visit, it's only a hop skip and a jump across the Bukit Peninsula after all, or a twenty minute ride from kuta. It can also be a good alternative if the wind goes onshore on the west coast as it often does during the wet season.

Here you'll find the most consistent wave on the island in the form of Nusa Dua (rarely under 4 ft) as well as many other delightful rights. Seragan or 'Turtle Island' once a secret spot can also be a great relief from onshores across on the other coast and now every driver knows how to get there!!

where to stay

Typical Indo Hay Barn Style Losmen; Crystalbluephotography.com; Oct 1999

The east coast of Bali is more synonymous with the higher class resorts of Sanur and the eastern side of the Bukit Peninsula with its Hyatt Hotel. This is not to say you can't also get budget accommodation here because you sure can, it's just that choice is a little more sparse. Most surfers tend to head to this side of the island in the wet season - Oct to march - as this a when the prevailing wind is offshore. Also if you do stay at the Hyatt you'll have the luxury of having Hyatt Reef right out front!

Your best choice for budget losmens near to surf on the east coast is Sanur, there is a good range here and you're right on top of some great reef action - though it can be very busy in the wet season. Sanur is like a much more laid back Kuta and is a great place to get away from all that hustle and bustle if it's 'doing ya head in'.

As always when finding a place to stay in Bali, haggle, haggle, haggle, stand your ground and a little tactful negotiation can often half the price!!

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