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A week before summer starts here in Scotland air temp 11c water 8c but I viewed a fair quality surf 4ft at Lossiemouth a bit beachie breaky but easy entry and only one boogie soul in the water. Since Merimbula water lows only reach 13c I might be able to cope if I can arrange a board. Friendly locals two or three possibilities of that and wetsuit offered with offer to drive me followed by single malts and beach firesmilesmile.Imagine that in OZ. Tell more when I get in the water.The title is deliberatebig_smile

Happy old fart!

Hardcore mate - photos required! Keep us updated!

Longboarding > You

Well I'm back from the Scottish trip, scored flat all round so the photos have been set to their spots Cullen and Banff, my report is thus good potential for good breaks and spots, small swell window to coincide with wind direction but as good a coast as NSW south coast.Take the time to explore not a coast to chance the hit and run hopeful expedition smileIf you are a drinker of quality, then a flat spell option is to explore the single malt whiskey trail, every sporran is loaded with a hip flask of the wearer's favourite tipple.Moderation

Happy old fart!

Anyone read The Surfers PAth - nice shots of Scotland I think in the current edition

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Yeah Cthulhu it's a good mag shows that our Euro brothers are thinking, it's gone a little bit american parochial IMO since they took on american partners but definitely worth the $s.Unfortunately I didn't co-incide with a swell but the whisky and hospitality was great.Wetsuit, boards and everything was on offer to get me in the water but swell no and a side trip other than a half day was out of the question. Definite great potential and uncrowded.

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Northern Scotland...Britain's own North Shore...not for the faint hearted. Even brits find it cold up there, but by all accounts, one or two of the breaks are genuine world class.

First among equals is Thurso East. "Thurso" derives from the norse god Thor, which seems quite correct, because it seems like everyone who surfs there takes a hammering on the slab sooner or later. I've never been that far north, but have a look at a map...fair swell window and a plentiful supply of active weather systems coming in from various directions. The north coast seems to boast a great many good quality set upd for those with time and the inclination to take a long,LONG drive.

On the west coast of Scotland is a spot which intrigues me. It's meant to be very difficult to get to, and apparently it can get pretty serious. Several miles of hiking across exposed scottish moorland will get you to Sandwood Bay, but you need to take absolutely everything with you, because this spot is just about as wild as Atlantic Europe gets. There's nothing there but you and the elements...oh, and the legended ghost that seems to like waking surfers as they camp... but hey, one rumour has it that it's an aussie sailor. Make of that what you will.

Of course, if you were around these isles looking for real quality , size and power, you would be in the wrong place, apart from spots like the two I mentioned. You need to visit Ireland..

NOW yer talkin', And at least I've surfed there, so I have some idea what I'm prattling on about. My recommendation ? County Clare. In particular, a village called Doolin. Slabs in every direction bringing waves up from real deep water, and one of the world's biggest waves, Aisleens, at the foot of the huge Cliffs of Moher, just a couple of miles across the bay. I've had a look at the spot listing for Crab Island, Doolin, and I have to tell you that the video IS NOT Crab Island, but Aileens.

Crab Island itself is a pretty serious wave in it'sown right, as the write-up states.

I have a fairly decent photo of Doolin Point that this site can have if you want it?

And the people? Well, they're irish. They don't get any more friendly or laid back than those guys .



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